First post!

Hello world!
This blog is yet another attempt by me to restart writing. I have mostly written only diaries till now,  and the prospect of actually having an audience is exciting and scary.  Please bear with me as I figure out this whole new world.
You can call me Diya.  I am a not-yet-30 woman living in one of India’s great- and highly polluted- metros.  I take public transport daily, traveling to a job which could have been great,  but turned out to be mind numbing. In that respect,  I guess I am like millions of others.
I will talk about the books I read as well as other things I am interested in.  So expect occasional game of thrones reviews.  Also,  I have a young daughter,  so sometimes you will find reviews of children’s books and toys too.
I called this blog a review because I am not going to talk about myself or my life.  I live a boring life and the idea is to seek respite from it,  if only for a while.