10 days


10 days since we saw each other last. There was a terrorist attack in Paris.

First thought: Should we not hold religions to the same standards by which we judge people? We judge people by what they do, rather than what they say. It is our choices which define what we are, as Dumbledore put it. And the collection of ideas that is modern Islam has made the choices that brought it here.

Second thought: This is kind of like World War 3 has sneaked up on us, isn’t it? The Middle East is getting consumed by this war, one country after another. A Russian airliner is brought down, a European city is attacked twice in the same year. Its weird how Russia and the West end upon the same side, everytime a global war escalates.  In India, we do know how to fight this shadow war. Hopefully.

Third thought: The world needs to reduce its dependence on oil, fast. Not to “save the earth”, but to save humanity from itself. It is oil which is funding this nihilism, oil which is the last bastion of the old world, where land was more important than the humans which lived on it.

In Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens, he talks about California. Once, it was El Dorado, where adventurers went to mine gold and get rich. It still is one of the richest parts of the world, but its wealth is all in the minds of the people who live and work there. No invader can win its immense wealth, it will simply flee somewhere else. Maybe moving away from oil will force the Arab world to either become like California or become poor.

Final thought: Guns cannot kill ideas. We cannot bomb shadows. US fought 2 wars after 9/11, and this Hydra headed monster has only become stronger.


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