12 days


There you go. Real life intervened and I was too busy to write anything. In the meantime, a couple of Pakistanis killed some Americans. Both Pakistani terrorists and gun violence in the USA are nothing remarkable, but the combination seems to have shocked the world.

Also Chennai floods. When I first heard of them a few weeks ago I thought they would be like Mumbai floods, inconvenient, happen every year, and life goes on. But no. These were a full blown disaster. Which makes this the second time a city I have friends in has become a disaster zone. After Kathmandu. Scary thought.

Finally, life. I told my mom that time tells the difference between the fragile and the Antifragile. She was sceptical. They- the fragile- are all doing so well, she said, for these many years. Why bother? Why put in the hard work it takes to bring up a child who can survive success and failure, who is capable of making her own decisions and honouring them, who can treat work like a vocation, who can read write, and analyse the world? But then, real life, not in its disasters but in its day-to-day ordinariness forced us to realize that this effort is worth it. This effort is probably the only bit of child-rearing that matters, apart from the love and security you shower on them.

My new resolution is to read philosophy. The ancient Greeks. However, I tried reading The Republic on Kindle and it was not easy. Let’s see. Resolutions are meant to be broken. I resolved to read The Tale of Two Cities too. I was blown away by Dickens’ prose, by how all the lines of the first chapter followed the same meter established by the opening lines. But somehow I could not bother to read the second one.



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