12 days

Hey! Happy new year!

Can I just say a few words about Odd/Even? I just do not understand the skepticism/online outrage against it. The city IS a gas chamber. Come and hangout in the metro some evening as it exits the underground portions. You feel the air choking you as the train raises itself from the ground. It affects the Lamborgini driving super-rich as well as the pavement dwelling poor. And yes, I have seen the studies which say that vehicular smoke is just 2% (or 10%, or whatever) of total pollution. That is looking at the average and pretending that it tells you anything about the peak. The construction dust etc remains throughout the day. Vehicular smoke peaks about 7-8 pm, then gradually declines. But do you care what is causing pollution at 3 am? Or 2 pm on a hot summer day? We care about air quality at 7 pm. We have to, because most of us, and most of our children, are outside in the evening.

Which also makes me suspect that the impact of Odd/Even will get drowned in poorly analysed data. Data will be tortured by all sides until it confesses, and it will say everything everyone wants it to say.


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