4 days


Should I write an year in review, do I care? Or should make resolutions I will proceed to break? Or should I continue the mandate of this blog and examine life in the context of the books I read and the movies I watch?

Okay. I will write a sort of year in review.

  1. The Kindle is one of the best things I ever owned. Yes, I love print books as much as any other book lover, but there are a few things about the Kindle which have made it my only reading source. One is that it is easy to carry. The second is the privacy it grants, one doesn’t feel like talking about every single book one reads. Third is the vast number of free books available. Fourth is the easeof reading. No strain to the eyes, or hands. Can read in all sorts of lighting conditions. This year has basically been an extended love story with Kindle.
  2. What I learned this year. Money is an excellent motivator. It does buy happiness, and a lot of other nice things. But one thing it does not buy is commitment. Many people sell their souls for money, but a bought soul is not the same thing as a soul given away for free. And because it motivates without invoking true commitment, and because the soul is free and cannot really be bought, it can be very dangerous to the buyer. Caveat emptor.
  3. Regrets. I have never regretted things. In fact, I rarely bother to look back on the past. I keep forgetting it, being a firm believer in Sherlock Holmes’theory of the brain as an attic we must keep emptying once in a while. I took the only decisions which were feasible and reasonable in the circumstances, and as always, I never noticed if they turned out to be wrong. So, no regrets.
  4. Best thnig I did last year. Learned to manage finances. Really changed my life.
  5. Looking ahead. I have time. I have time to read. Time to shop. I also have money. So, let’s see what happens.

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