17 days


So, I saw Sir Ken Robinson’s various speeches at TED conferences. That was a few days back, and I have been thinking on them ever since. They explain why my parents wish that I will get that “dream” job I did not want in the last post. They explain how even writing blog posts about my own life was so difficult in the beginning. And I am afraid they have made me take seriously the super expensive IB schools. There go my dreams of not spending too much money on my kid.

I was a highly imaginative kid. And all through school I wondered why imagination, which seemed like my greatest quality, and strength, was completely ignored by my parents and my school. I could lose myself for hours in manufactured realities and what is now called fanfiction. I think it was my mother’s dedication which ensured my “success” in life. I wonder what I would have been if I was not so good academically. That is to say, and this caveat is very important, I love what I do. I am not a fan of the place of work and how little actual work I do at present, and I hate the long hours. But I love my work.

What I am asking is different. What if I had to confront failure? At this point in my boringly ordinary life, characterized by some measure of what the world accepts as success based on very little actual effort, I have no doubt that actual fear of failure can make me do something better. It is the damn safety net which has stopped me from aiming higher.


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